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Strategic Collaborations

“Creativity abounds at Core Creative Influence Writing!  Angela knows how to take the words that you speak from your heart and makes them into the reality or what you're trying to say.
Give her 10 words and she will change your life!"
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Social Media

  •  increasing social media  engagement for my vintage art collection brand: Framed and Bejeweled.  

  • bios, post content, or product descriptions, SEO knowledge and storytelling shape descriptive, vibrant, and relatable social media catalogue.

  • Quick turn-around time with the best quality content, professionalism, unique website copy and content is unmatched!

  • Clear, user-friendly content, and engaging and innovative project development, the marketing team lead by Angela can make any project streamlined for immediate online interaction.

  • Engaging copy. Far from dry, standard copy, the  press releases I commissioned told my business' story while providing crucial information.

  • Readers have responded to the creative and sensitive style of language, attention to detail and captivating storytelling. Engagement and contracted bookings for my  firm increased.

  •  Social Media campaigns, fundraising materials, merchandise, descriptions for the foster animals in rescue, revitalize web presence.  

  • Custom digital strategy,  content marketing completely changing lives of countless animals. 

CCIW business card on pink background with a large black C made out of gemstones


If you’ve never worked with a marketing professional, it can be hard knowing exactly what they can do for you and your team. Browsing some of my projects will help you understand what to expect when you sign on to work with me. Contact me to find out more. I’m happy to answer any questions that come up.

Previous Work and Current Collaborations

Check out each Featured Collaboration and its Corresponding Package!

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