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Worlds of Wanderling: Suspend all former notions of reality and travel to an Ancient Realm

Updated: Apr 22

Adventurers! Scholars! Mystics and Cryptids! Read ahead to join the Writer_of_Realms and commune with the Divigni in Worlds of Wanderling, a Young Adult fantasy multiverse where you may seek blessings, elemental affinities, or glimpses of the celestial loom from these Ancient Elemental beings.

Divigni influence every world, known and unknown, including ours! The Divigni’s whispers can be heard in the rustling leaves, the crackling flames, the crashing waves, the whispering winds, and the still twilight. Their presence weaves magic from the divine plane, their Influence echoing across the multiverse through a symphony of elements shaping reality, inspiring legends, and binding worlds together.

Remember, dear traveler, that to explore ancient and unknown fathoms means to risk the ascent through madness into enlightenment. TW: Some themes and concepts explored involve violence, sexual content, revolution, and depression/anxiety/mental health.

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A planet with green lush treetops below a large rocky, moss-covered cliff and large sand colored round planet in a dark starfilled sky.  A light turquiose sunset on the horizon,

Meet the Writer of Realms!

At the heart of my work are my experiences as a queer disabled nonbinary-woman. I focus on conscious storytelling for all persons of all identities, diversities, ethnicities, orientations, and abilities. I have lent my writing prowess to creative, business, and activism causes and strive to make positive changes in my respective fields and in the wider world. 


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