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Wanderling Willpower: Book 1 Celebrate Diversity and Inclusivity - a Wanderverse Fantasy Novel

Updated: Apr 22

Wanderling Willpower is the first fantasy novel in the Wanderling's Writings series about Alegna Wanderling, an introverted, peace loving Nonbinary Demi-divigni whose life is changed forever when it is revealed that they are a Split-Soul - someone whose destiny has been forced by prophecy - in this case, a prophecy to kill her father.

Stay tuned for updates, excerpts, and release dates! Check out the Blog for more fun content!

A Worlds of Wanderling Chronicle, Series:

Wanderling’s Writing Chronicles, Book I: Wanderling Willpower

Meet the Writer of Realms!

At the heart of my work are my experiences as a queer disabled nonbinary-woman. I focus on conscious storytelling for all persons of all identities, diversities, ethnicities, orientations, and abilities. I have lent my writing prowess to creative, business, and activism causes and strive to make positive changes in my respective fields and in the wider world. 

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