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WIP: Worlds of Wanderling Chronicles - Wanderling's Writings: A YA Fantasy Novel Series

Updated: Apr 22

A YA Fantasy series based on Nature and Elementals.  

Some Central Themes:

-Climate change and caring for the environment

-The dangers of not listening to those who are in touch with the earth and nature

-Coming of Age in a time of war and civil unrest

-Nonbinary, LGBTQIA+ representation

-Disabled Human Rights

-Civil Rights

Series Lore:

Before time was measured in minutes and hours, there existed in space, a lens through which all the energy of the universe concentrated into Creation.  This lens was called The Orb, or the Sphere of Influence.  From the Orb, by the Law of Influence, all life came forth.


Born first, an elemental race- the Divigni fulfilled their purpose: to manifest the oldest realm in creation and populate the realm with fae folx and creatures of Knowing and Being.  The realm lived in harmony, and the Law of Influence generated the heavens and many earths.

Until a new pair of beings emerged from the Orb.  

Traveling the realm, these brother Divigni, one water, one fyre, were called to establish order throughout the realm and created laws of justice and fairness.  Before long, Vashik of the Healing Waters became the favored brother and was chosen by the realmlings to rule.

Overtime, Kajeet Wanderling, brother of Vashik, wandered the realm enforcing his brother's law.  However, becoming restless and disgruntled, Kajeet staged a coup with the help of his underground network, The Collective...

BUT THEN... the realm receives a prophecy...

Each nation tells it differently, but the message is plain, "Kajeet's children will be his undoing. He will not succeed if they turn against him." 

Content to control every aspect of his childlings' lives, and thus the fate of the prophecy, Kajeet proceeds with his plans to seize the realm from his brother.

Meanwhile, the realm slowly falls into imbalance as new threats appear from The Collective.

It is up to Alegna, and their sister, Chyrine to right the realm and restore balance, not just in their home realm, but in the wider worlds we live in.

But first, they must escape Kajeet's clutches, find allies, and discover themselves!

Meet the Writer of Realms!

At the heart of my work are my experiences as a queer disabled nonbinary-woman. I focus on conscious storytelling for all persons of all identities, diversities, ethnicities, orientations, and abilities. I have lent my writing prowess to creative, business, and activism causes and strive to make positive changes in my respective fields and in the wider world. 

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