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SEO Simplified

A simplified guide to understanding SEO’s as a marketing strategy. To stay up-to-date on 2023 trends and tools for increasing engagement and sales check out Core Creative Influence Writing’s Blog, Tool Kit, and Services.

In a highly competitive and fast-paced modern technological market, new and long-standing businesses are facing challenges like never before. Having a firm grasp on the verbiage in today’s market allows you to further your business growth!

Here is some useful information to guide you in your research into SEO’s.

Begin with the Basics

The first step to understanding a marketing strategy is having some key terms in your back pocket. Solidifying your brand’s presence in the online and global community is driven by SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. According to the Digital Marketing Institute, Search Engine Optimization is, “the process of getting traffic from free, organic, editorial, or natural search results in search engines.” In other words, this marketing strategy is the use of key words or phrases to increase your visibility in search engines.

Check out Core Creative Influence Writing’s blog posts Marketing Strategy 101: The Basics and Marketing Strategy 102: Strategy Guide 2023 for more information on expanding your Marketing Tool Kit. Easy-to-use Worksheets are available.

SEO Specifics

The next step to a successful SEO in 2023 is to make sure your keywords are relevant and specific.

Search traffic potential can increase based on the specifics below:

  • Timing - time of year, season, upcoming holidays and events

  • Location - localizing your keywords

  • Expertise - words and phrases for your area of expertise

  • Quality Content - the quality of your copy, videos, resources, and descriptions

SEO Simplified

Timing is everything when generating custom copy and branding for your business.

Things like the time of year, season, upcoming holidays and events all impact the way in which your clients are searching for what they need. Keeping your branding timeless is one way to address this aspect of SEO’s. Another method would be to update your SEO’s using a Marketing Calendar to align your SEO’s to specific services, sales, etc.

Location, Location, Location!

As location settings and sharing become the default, localizing your keywords generates more views per search engine. Understanding your local market and clientele will allow you to focus on providing services to your community, while narrowing in on the broader sweeping SEO terms to expand your base to the wider world.

Using the right words and phrases for your area of expertise allows your clients, current and future, to find your business with ease.

Ensuring the quality of all of your content such as your copy, videos, resources, and descriptions are all of the highest caliber. Including relevant links from high-quality sites and networking with other businesses and brands via social media help to instill a sense of trust. Taking advantage of cross-posting, sharing, and collaborative opportunities increases your SEO and online presence.

Core Creative Influence Writing can help generate networking materials such as lead generation newsletters, queirie Social Media DM’s (DIrect Messages), and scripts generated with the help of our easy-to-use Worksheets. Check out our Services and Marketing Tool Kit for helpful resources.


Angela Somma is a professional creative developer and writer since 2000, focused on creating communication strategies and solutions for clients that enable them to connect more effectively with their target audience and grow their businesses.

Specializing in copywriting, editing and creative project development, at the heart of Angela’s work is inclusivity. As a queer disabled woman in business, she provides safe and conscious content for all persons of all identities, diversities, ethnicities, orientations, and abilities.

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