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Brainstorming Made Easy: The Core Creative Influence Method, A Step-by-Step Guide

In business, as in life, sometimes seemingly impossible problems may still require solutions. That’s where creative problem solving comes into play!

Many different methods of Brainstorming exist. In fact, the art of the Brainstorm has become dramatically complicated since its inception in 1953.

Core Creative Influence Writing uses a compilation of proven brainstorming techniques in one cohesive step-by-step guide, which you can find below.

What is Brainstorming?

First things first, what exactly is Brainstorming?

Brainstorming, in essence, is the open, free-flowing process of thinking in order to find extraordinary solutions one would otherwise deem impossible. It is the use of the mind’s energy in a non-judgmental thinking space to generate as many ideas and solutions as possible, no matter how outlandish or practical.

The Breakdown

Keeping an open mind is the first step to Brainstorming effectively.

To put it simply, things like insecurity, self-consciousness or doubt are the enemies of creative problem solving!

Step one sounds easier than it can be: Clear Your Mind

This means that in order to access the creative place in one’s mind, it is essential to empty it of all logical, worrisome, or intrusive thoughts.

Once a clear and focused mind is focused on the quiet of the present moment, some Brainwriting can begin.

Getting Started

Brainwriting is the free and open, quiet process of writing out brief ideas. All you need is a quiet mind, a blank paper, and a writing instrument (or a blank digital screen and typing capability).

The key to using this tool successfully is allowing whatever flows into your mind to be written or typed on the blank page in front of you.

It is best practice to set a timer for anywhere from 5-15 minutes for this exercise before reading any ideas generated using the technique. A good goal is to try to generate 3 ideas, words, thoughts, or solutions per 5 minutes. Start small, slow, and stress-free.

Using a Graphic Organizer like Word Maps, Bubble Maps, and Venn Diagrams can help keep thoughts organized during the Brainwriting process should more direction be required to jump-start creativity!

The Next Steps

Once Brainwriting becomes a No-Brainer, it is time to move onto the other, more intense Brainstorming techniques.

Core Creative Influence Writing uses a cohesion of the Starbursting, Reverse Brainstorming, and the Rolestorming techniques at this stage.

This can be done in one of two ways:

  1. Look back at your Brainwriting exercise and find any questions, worst-case scenarios, and examples of varying perspectives. Marking these in distinct colors can be helpful.

  2. Begin Brainwriting with the following themes in mind: Generating Questions, Pretending you are someone else - such as your Key Audience, and/or the Worst-Case scenarios

It can be helpful to place your brand name, key word, or problem in the center of the blank space on the page.

Example: Framed and Bejeweled Content Creation Brainstorm Word Map

Taking Things Further

Once your Brainwriting notes have been organized, it’s time to play theme detective!

Check the Brainwriting page or pages for common elements, themes, words, or phrases. These commonalities are no coincidence! They are the vital clues, solutions, and language to amalgamate into unique content, strategy, and programs that address your needs.

To explore the techniques above in more depth, check out Core Creative Influence Writing’s easy-to-use Worksheets available in the Marketing Tool Kit for more helpful resources like graphic organizers!

In a highly competitive and fast-paced modern technological market, it is vital to have a firm grasp on the emerging, as well as the tried-and-true strategies, tasks, and tools available to further your business’ influence on the wider world. Check out Core Creative Influence Writing’s Services for more information!

Angela Somma is a professional creative developer and writer since 2000, focused on creating communication strategies and solutions for clients that enable them to connect more effectively with their target audience and grow their businesses.

Specializing in copywriting, editing and creative project development, at the heart of Angela’s work is inclusivity. As a queer disabled woman in business, she provides safe and conscious content for all persons of all identities, diversities, ethnicities, orientations, and abilities.

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